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This year was a total rollercoaster.

It started out pretty normal, then everything closed in March. After that, a lot of my projects got moved around and cancelled and I was super worried about my business for the rest of the year. At some point, I wasn’t even sure if there would be any weddings this year. But, things opened back up here in South Dakota and the 2020 wedding season was insane. In 22 weeks, I ended up with 20 weddings – yes I’m serious and I know I’m crazy. It was awesome and tiring and crazy and I am super thankful that I was able to do my job.

I met the most incredible people this year along with a lot of their super cute doggos! I can’t wait to meet even more in 2021. With almost 20 weddings on the books so far, 2021 is looking to be another busy year. I wasn’t able to travel as much as I would have liked this year, but hoping that I’ll get to explore other states in 2021. Who wants to go on a roadtrip? Keep a look out for dates where I’ll be traveling!

While 2020 brought a lot of couples, I also had a blast with families and seniors and local businesses! One of my favorite shoots from the year was a styled shoot put together by Jane Rae Events at the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls, SD. It was the shoot of my dreams! Jane Rae created a 70’s styled shoot that was very boho chic with a nostalgic vibe. I loved the rust color scheme they chose to compliment the decor and the venue along with the dress they picked from Marie and Marie Bridal. It was incredible! Keep a look out for the blog post from that shoot. I’ll be releasing that very soon.

Speaking of styled shoots, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a few small styled shoots this coming year. At least one will be local and I’m thinking of having a couple in other areas. I can’t wait to tell you more about what I have planned for those.

After the events from this past year, I hope scrolling through this journal of moments will give you some happiness.

DSC02779.jpg DSC05370-2.jpg DSC05583-2.jpg

To start the year off, the Carlisle’s got married at the Icon Lounge in Downtown Sioux Falls in January. It was a beautiful and intimate occasion with of course, a blizzard. Then a few weeks later, I had a busy weekend where I traveled to Rapid City and back to Sioux Falls in 36 hours because I had two shoots back-to-back in both cities. I was traveling to Rapid City to take some headshots for a non-profit and while I was there, I drove through the Badlands and visited an old friend, her dogs and her horses. After my shoot with the non profit, I drove home and the next day I had the opportunity to take headshots for a local news company in Sioux Falls. To say I was tired by the end of that weekend is an understatement.

DSC01654.jpg DSC00131.jpg

Then on the last weekend of February, I had my last wedding until May. Just a couple of weeks after I shot this wedding, Covid became a thing in our area and shut down all of my weddings in March, April and May. Between these three months I had 6 weddings scheduled – only one ended up happening but it was downsized significantly with only immediate family in attendance. It ended up being an incredible elopement. With a little bit of rain to bring good luck, the couple enjoyed every minute of their intimate wedding day at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Sioux City, Iowa on the riverfront.

DSC01206-3.jpg DSC09612.jpg

When everything shut down. My part-time job closed for two weeks, my classes were changed and I was stuck at home without much to do. On the bright side, I got to wear sweatpants all day.

DSC04692.jpg DSC06916.jpg

Then, my step-brother Jake reached out to me in April about setting up a surprise proposal for his long-time girlfriend, Amy. I was more than excited to help him pull this off. Before the pandemic, we had talked about doing a styled shoot together but our plans changed once everything closed. When Jake asked about doing the proposal, we decided to play it off as if we were going to go through with the shoot, it was just going to be a little more casual.

So when the weekend came around, I drove down to Omaha and helped Amy and Jake pick out their favorite outfits and we talked about some cool spots that fit them well. Jake had picked a winery as The Spot and once we were done with our locations downtown, we drove out there. Still playing it off as this fun shoot, we led Amy to the planned location at the winery, Jake got on his knee and the rest is history. That was such an awesome day.

DSC05601.jpg DSC04919-2.jpg DSC06249.jpg DSC06407.jpg DSC06412-6.jpg DSC06617.jpg DSC06995.jpg

By the end of June, my wedding season finally started. Because things were moved back, I ended up with 20 weddings in 22 weeks. It was a wild fall. I’m super thankful for everyone I worked with this year. It definitely wasn’t an easy one, with all of the changes and uncertainty. I’m just in awe of all of the couples and other clients I worked with this year, all of you were so incredible.

DSC03107-2.jpg DSC03432-2.jpg DSC05287-2.jpg DSC06389.jpg DSC07572.jpg DSC08936.jpg DSC00935-3.jpg DSC01109.jpg DSC01548.jpg DSC02330.jpg DSC07376.jpg DSC09185.jpg DSC09301.jpg DSC09527.jpg DSC09550.jpg DSC09747.jpg DSC09910.jpg DSC09934.jpg DSC06644.jpg DSC07353.jpg DSC08931-2.jpg DSC08947.jpg DSC00744.jpg DSC01542-2.jpg DSC01630.jpg DSC02126.jpg DSC02515-2.jpg DSC02552.jpg DSC03288.jpg DSC03604-2.jpg DSC04790.jpg DSC05465-2.jpg DSC05508-2.jpg DSC05595-4.jpg DSC05630.jpg DSC05802.jpg DSC06727.jpg DSC06738.jpg DSC07432.jpg

It turns out, black and white photos were a favorite of mine this year. I just love how black and white photos can put even more emotion into photographs.

DSC00151.jpg DSC00453.jpg DSC00574-2.jpg DSC00644.jpg DSC00845-2.jpg DSC01302-2.jpg DSC01580-2.jpg DSC02309.jpg DSC02825.jpg DSC02985-2.jpg DSC03227-2.jpg DSC03748.jpg DSC04704-2.jpg DSC04735.jpg DSC05281.jpg DSC07506.jpg DSC07756.jpg DSC08602.jpg DSC08695.jpg DSC02289.jpg DSC02705.jpg DSC02949.jpg DSC01250.jpg DSC01734.jpg DSC01802.jpg DSC00642.jpg DSC09791.jpg DSC09083.jpg DSC09383.jpg DSC07491.jpg DSC08518.jpg DSC02802.jpg DSC03075.jpg

Here’s a look back at some of my portrait sessions this year. I had an awesome time working with families, seniors and even more doggos!

DSC09477-2.jpg DSC09667-2.jpg DSC09819.jpg DSC02112.jpg DSC08004.jpg DSC00054.jpg DSC01817.jpg DSC02108.jpg DSC02167.jpg DSC02586.jpg DSC02657.jpg DSC04519-2.jpg DSC05836.jpg DSC06855.jpg DSC08664.jpg DSC08661.jpg DSC06760.jpg DSC06781.jpg DSC08030.jpg DSC06746.jpg DSC06405.jpg DSC06118.jpg DSC06368.jpg DSC04398.jpg DSC04163.jpg  

the incredible vendors I was able to work with this year:


Icon Event Lounge | Sioux Falls, SD

The Sanford Barn | Sioux Falls, SD

The Old Courthouse Museum | Sioux Falls, SD

The Waterfront at Okoboji | Okoboji, IA

The Hilton Garden at the Riverfront | Sioux City, IA

The Canton Barn | Canton, SD

Emerald Pines Barn | Sioux Falls, SD

Falls Park | Sioux Falls, SD

The Denny Sanford Premier Center | Sioux Falls, SD

Summit Events Center | Sioux Falls, SD

White Space Studio | Sioux Falls, SD

Camp Lakodia | Madison, SD

JP Denmark | Viborg, SD

The Country Club of Sioux City | Sioux City, SD

The Bodega Winery | Glenwood, IA

Prairie View Event Hall | Tea, SD

Badlands National Park

Sundial Events Center | Sanibel, FL


Jane Rae Events | Sioux Falls, SD

Plan to Party | Sioux Falls, SD


Indigo Row | Inwood, IA

Bella Rosa | Sioux Falls, SD

Flower Mill | Sioux Falls, SD

Jane Rae Events | Sioux Falls, SD


Nothing Bundt Cakes | Sioux Falls, SD

Bakologie | Sioux Falls, SD

Dress + Tux:

Marie and Marie Bridal | Sioux Falls, SD

Bridal Gallery | Sioux Falls, SD

Halberstadts | Sioux Falls, SD


Complete Weddings & Events | Sioux Falls, SD + Sioux City, SD

Infini Films | Sioux Falls, SD


Complete Weddings & Events | Sioux Falls, SD + Sioux City, SD
Eric James – WOW Entertainment DJ | Sioux Falls, SD

Second Shooting and Collaborating:

Sara Elizabeth Photography

Luke & Savannah Photography

Complete Weddings & Events


peace out 2020.


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