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Surprise Downtown Engagement // Omaha, Nebraska | Jake + Amy


Jake and Amy are 100% meant to be. They are two of my favorite people ever and are a blast to hang out with (they also just so happen to be family). When Jake contacted me about setting up this surprise proposal, I was so stoked! Before COVID, we had planned to do a styled shoot together at the local botanical gardens in Omaha, Nebraska, but those plans had to be put on hold. But because those plans had changed, I was able to photograph this incredible moment for these guys!

DSC04933.jpg DSC04971.jpg DSC04988.jpg DSC05342.jpg DSC05379.jpg DSC05415-2.jpg DSC05601.jpg DSC05325.jpg DSC05776-2.jpg    DSC05810.jpg DSC06412-6.jpg DSC06407.jpg DSC06481.jpg DSC06599.jpg DSC06792.jpg DSC06916.jpg DSC06995.jpg DSC07272.jpg DSC07285.jpg DSC07294.jpg DSC07395.jpg

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