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Finding Wedding Venues Sioux Falls, SD

You just got engaged – that’s so exciting! Now, it’s time to start planning – something you’ve looked forward to, right? But you might not be sure on where to start planning a wedding. There are so many wedding venues Sioux Falls SD, that it can be hard to choose. Here’s where to start.

There’s two wedding vendors that I would suggest starting with – your wedding and reception venue then your wedding photographer. These are two vendors that play a huge part in making your day perfect and they are also the two that book up very fast.

There are SO many amazing wedding venues in the Sioux Falls area and it can be overwhelming to look to through all of the options. That’s why I’ve created this list just for you.

This list contains all of my personal favorite venues – from barns, to state parks, to locations downtown – there’s a little bit of everything here.

You can scroll through and look through photos of each venue and read about my experience there!

If you have questions about any of these venues, feel free to head to my contact page, and we can find the perfect venue for you!

1. Emerald Pines Barn

Emerald Pines Barn is one of my favorite barn wedding venues in Sioux Falls, SD. If you’re looking for a classic venue with an elegant feel but with a touch of rustic – then this is the perfect venue for you. Having a barn wedding doesn’t have to take place in a traditional barn, it can be elegant too.

With it’s white walls, tall ceilings and plenty of natural light, it’s impossible to have a bad picture taken here.

Located right outside of town, this venue has great views at sunset.

Emerald Pines also has space to have an outdoor ceremony with a beautiful wooden arch.

This venue is very versatile. It could honestly fit anyone’s needs.

sioux falls wedding venue

Emerald Pines Event Barn | Website

2. The Atrium at Blue Haven

The Atrium is one of the most unique wedding venues Sioux Falls has to offer. It’s very modern and eclectic at the same time. With large windows and light colored walls, this venue has a nice and airy feel. You wouldn’t need to do much to dress up this venue.

My favorite part of the inside of this venue is the fireplace. This makes a great spot to have your head table.

This venue also offers an outdoor ceremony area overlooking the pond. What’s really unique about their outdoor ceremony area is it includes stadium seating – all of your guests will be able see every minute of your ceremony since they will be seated at different levels.

wedding venues sioux falls sd
the atrium
the atrium sioux falls

The Atrium | Website

3. The Veranda by Meadow Barn

The Veranda, located by the Country Meadows Barn, is a favorite of mine. Still being a barn wedding venue, it’s also one of the most unique venues I’ve ever seen. And that unique element this venue offers is this: it’s completely open to the outdoors on one side of the building.

The first time I saw it, I was blown away. It’s an outdoor venue, but also an indoor venue. Cool, huh?

With white walls, beautiful exposed wood and the open concept – this venue always looks amazing. The lighting is so perfect for photos.

This Sioux Falls wedding venue also offers an outdoor ceremony area. You can walk right out of the venue into your outdoor ceremony.

There are also a ton of spots around the property for photos.

There’s a cute swing just right inside the tree line that makes for some fun and cute photos of you and your boo. The Veranda is also right next to the apple orchard, which is one of my favorite places to get photos.

barn wedding
the veranda by meadow barn

The Veranda | Website

4. The Icon Lounge

The Icon Lounge is the perfect boho wedding venue. The exposed brick and wood, the original hardwood floors and other vintage details, this venue is perfect for the old souls.

The Icon offers a bridal suite and a separate bar area for your cocktail hour. In the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, this venue is close to so many amazing photo locations as well.

The event hall has plenty of space for all of your guests and would even make a perfect spot for your ceremony. With an entire wall made out of windows, you have the perfect view of downtown.

icon lounge
south dakota wedding venue
south dakota wedding venues
icon lounge sioux falls
icon lounge
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The Icon | Website

5. The Country Club of Sioux Falls

The Country Club of Sioux Falls is classic. Country Club wedding venues are some of my favorites. They always have plenty of spots to get awesome photos. The Sioux Falls Country Club is a fantastic choice if you want something low key and classic. With windows all around the event hall, the lighting is always perfect. This is one of the very best wedding venues sioux falls sd.

Country Club Of Sioux Falls
Country club weddings

Minnehaha County Country Club | Website

6. Downtown Sioux Falls

In the heart of Sioux Falls, downtown is an amazing place to get married or eloped. There’s so much going on in that area, that your options are truly endless. Hotels in downtown Sioux Falls are top notch and there a so many to choose from. Just a couple that are my favorites are: Holiday Inn, Hilton, Hotel Phillips. And the restaurants are endless. There’s amazing pizza, sandwiches and fine dining as well and don’t even get me started on the coffee shops (obsessed).

Some of my favorite places to get photos are downtown. There’s this spot right next to the river that I absolutely love, and I included photos below. What if you could say your vows here as the sun sets? It would be magical.

Downtown Sioux Falls
downtown sioux falls hotels
hotels in downtown sioux falls
sioux falls downtown hotels
downtown sioux falls pizza

7. The Sanford Barn

The Sanford barn is one of those venue barns that is just super unique. It’s still rustic, but very modern and clean. I love it. The barn has tall ceilings and so much space to work with. It’s right on the edge of town, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of traffic. This hidden gem is one of my favorite South Dakota wedding venues.

venue barns
barn wedding
wedding barn sioux falls

The Sanford Barn | Website

8. J.P. Denmark | Viborg, SD

This hunting lodge turned wedding venue is very cool. Located less than an hour outside of Sioux Falls, J.P. Denmark is one of those wedding venues that gives you a lot of space to work with and give you a secluded feel. It’s out in the country on it’s own acreage, so you have so many options for your wedding. There’s an outdoor ceremony area with the lodge building as the venue itself. They also offer onsite lodging for you, your friends and your family.

The venue has this really cool jut-out with windows all around and the rest of the event area has plenty of space for a large reception.

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J.P. Denmark | Website

9. Camp Lakodia | Madison, SD

I’ve saved the best for last. Camp Lakodia is located about an hour outside of Sioux Falls, but it’s made this list for a reason. The only reason that it’s not a top 3 is because it’s not closer to Sioux Falls, that is the only fault it has.

A lake lodge wedding is perfect for the laid back couple. Lodge wedding venues, in my opinion, should be more common because I would be in heaven if I would be able to have one every weekend. You get to hang out with your friends and family on the lake for the entire weekend and then, you know, just casually get married too. If you need lodge wedding ideas, let me know because I’ve got all of the ideas.

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lodge wedding
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Camp Lakodia | Website

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